LEGO? Tower

LEGO? Tower

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+ Improved random icon
+ UI tweaks


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  • Zeils!

    Good idle game for wasting time. Build your Lego tower and customise the residents. Collect tons of Lego pieces. Also what's worth mentioning, is that it's based off of real sets. You send customers through floors to earn money. You have to put some time into it, for it to become fun, but it's okay. The Tower packs barely cost anything, it's around 10 minutes of gameplay for one pack if you focus on getting the bucks. Sometimes there are special events where you get extra money, for an example somebody loses their PIANO!!! and if you find it in your tower, you get some bucks. Another *** but funny example, the pizza man shows up and says: I've lost my pizza toppings in one of your floors. It can be bread sticks, BANANA!, and some weird box thing. Fun game.

  • MsT3Dz

    Agradável e viciante, pena que os itens s?o muito caros, em aparelhos mais fracos o jogo apresenta travamentos e lentid?o!

  • Igoy Domonic

    lol you never fix the loading time.

  • Lino Soto


  • Royalflare

    Pros: The traditional house-building simulation game attracts customers by continuously building floors of different industries. Using the sightseeing elevator to transport customers to the designated floor can get money. Building more floors will make the game more efficient and more can be done.

    Recruitment of LEGO people requires the establishment of a floor-studded staff area, and the ability of the floor industry to meet the ability of recruiting staff can greatly increase income. Order time and revenue vary from industry to industry

    Delivers, find people, sneak out, these small games that test the reaction and resolution ability often appear and increase banknotes, banknotes can be used to upgrade the elevator speed, complete construction and orders quickly. Therefore, it is not only a golden play. The game is also free to send a 5-day club ticket for trial, the playability is greatly improved, the elevator is automatic, and the overall decoration can be changed to include background music. Collect different LEGO dresses for yourself and other employees. Support for adding friends

    Cons: There are relatively few things that can be done in the early stage, and it will feel boring and easy to dismiss players. Both the construction and the order take a long time, and the placement can also make a profit, indicating that this is a playable but not long game. There are only 5 employees in the early stage, which greatly reduces the efficiency of obtaining money.


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